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Doug Minor’s Short Biography

As Co-Author of Anatomy of Credit Scores and Founder / President of Easy Credit Relief, Inc., Doug focuses on helping and teaching people how to understand the credit system. Showing them the best ways to use credit and maximize their score.

Doug has spent the last 25+ years reviewing personal credit reports and financial profiles of individuals. He has happily been quoted and interviewed for articles appearing in, Yahoo! Finance, Entrepreneur Magazine and recently doing a segment for CBS Channel 2 news. During this time he has enjoyed answering thousands of questions regarding credit scores and the information contained in credit reports.

Having a pragmatic disposition as well a broad base of experience in business he has the unique knowledge and academics to assess damages. He has performed training classes to audiences of all levels of sophistication including Professional Groups, Lenders, CEO’s, and Consumers. As a respected expert in credit related damages, credit reporting, and scoring he serves as a litigation consultant/expert witness for those involved in credit damages litigation.

Credit Damage Consultant and Expert Witness Capabilities

Credit Report Evaluation, Preparing Credit Damages Report including Quantitative Assessment, types of Credit Damages, reviews Federal Truth-in-Lending Disclosures, Financial Calculations, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Review of Residential Mortgage Loan Application forms 1003 & 1008, Modern Credit Scoring, Unfair Debt Collections, Evaluate Testimony, and Developing Questions for Depositions and Trial.